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Diamond is by far the most popular brand of nuts for year-round meal preparation, baking and natural snacking. With Diamond, it’s easy to add wholesome, versatile nuts to your daily menu without ever getting bored.

Sprinkle them on your cereal or yogurt. Chop them for a crunchy crust for chicken and fish. Liven up veggies with a topping of toasted nuts. Or turn a salad into a protein-rich main dish simply by adding your favorite nuts. The possibilities are endless!

Shelled Pecans

Start your day with Nutty Morning Muesli or Quick Pecan Monkey Bread. Just add Diamond Shelled Pecans.

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Diamond Culinary Nuts

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From inshell to shelled, chopped, sliced and slivered, Diamond has a wide range of nuts for every taste and occasion.

Emerald Premium Snacks

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Your source of natural energy — enjoy healthy, satisfying snacks on the go with Emerald Premium Snacks.

Nut FAQs

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Curious about cooking with nuts? Concerned about how to store them? Increase your “nut knowledge” by visiting our Nut FAQs.

Retail Locations

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Looking for Diamond nuts? Find your favorite culinary and inshell nuts at a store in your neighborhood.

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